Children's Hospital at Westmead

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead provides quality care and clinical services to 80,000 sick and injured children each year. It is the largest paediatric centre in New South Wales and a globally recognised leader in child health and research into childhood illnesses.  However, a lack of dedicated and advanced research facilities had become a huge barrier for the growth and expansion of the Hospital’s research arm.

The Caring for Kids Campaign was launched to raise $20 million to help fund a new research facility.  Campaign leadership was provided by Patron’s including Frank Lowy, Nicole Kidman and Dr John Yu.  The campaign was incredibly successful raising more than $20 million in less than 18 months thanks to an extremely generous gift of $10 million from Kerry Packer, matching funds from the federal and state government as well as philanthropic support from many other very generous donors.  Today, thanks to the success of the campaign, The Kids Research Institute is able to consolidate the efforts of hundreds of staff and research students involved in basic, clinical and population health research. This facility continues to bring together researchers from many different streams to work hand in hand to solve the most complex medical problems of our lifetime.


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