The Fred Hollows Foundation

Fred Hollows is regarded as an Australian icon for his pioneering work in restoring eyesight for people in this country and many developing countries. Some estimates suggest that more than one million people in the world can see today because of initiatives started by Fred. The foundation which bears his name, has grown considerably since its establishment 30 years ago.

The Foundation has an ambitious plans for the future. Momentum has been built recently by year on year growth in core fundraising activities such as direct mail appeals, bequests, popular events and Government funding. However, as it pursued growth it became apparent that increasing fundraising revenue from existing major donors (individuals, philanthropic trusts and foundations and corporates) as well as major donor prospects (those the organisation believed could make a major gift) was vital if they were to succeed.

Mark worked in close collaboration with the Foundation’s Partnerships Team to:

– Drive intensive donor engagement and relationship marketing activities with selected existing major donors and major donor prospects. Increase year on year major donor income

– Lift each team member’s performance in income generation during this period.

Mark’s well-structured approach including the participation of the CEO, Chairman and Board plus a commitment from the Partnerships Team to accept professional development and training helped achieve remarkable results. Those involved in asking for a major gift now have more tools, knowledge and experience from which to plan smart, work clever and get more major gifts!

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