My Major GiftGetter

My Major Gift Getter

The App that will drive you major gift programs!


“If Mark’s app helps you to get just one extra major gift, or improves your efficiency by even 1%, that makes this an incredibly invaluable product”

Harvey McKinnon, Best Selling Author: The Eleven Questions Every Donor Asks


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Introducing My Major GiftGetter, the only app that will help you plan smart, work clever and get more major gifts! There is no greater feeling in fundraising than getting a major gift! But fundraising success doesn’t just happen, it requires a plan. Download My Major GiftGetter from the Apple Store.



Get a plan of what to do when that you can start today.


Read loads of tips on gift getting.


Learn the tools you need to succeed.


Engage more donors, more often.


Have major gift expertise with you at the office or on the go.


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