Government is the single largest financial investor in the not for profit sector. And it is the one investor most often approached. But even seasoned CEO’s, Board Members and fundraisers find that securing Government funding is often a strange and confusing mix of policy initiatives, money and politics.

In this half day workshop you’ll learn how to; craft a compelling narrative for Government, position your need with Minister’s, adopt your approach to suit opportunities with Opposition; understand relevant policy objectives; use budget, media and political cycles to your advantage; and turn Ministerial support into bureaucratic action. Case studies involving successful funding approaches to state and federal government will be reviewed to help design, draft, implement and manage your own plan to engage Government effectively.

Cost $6,000 (ex. GST)



“We see Government as a crucial funding partner in the years ahead. The bespoke training Mark Quigley provided our senior leadership about how to
engage Government effectively has been invaluable.”

Helen Merrick
General Manager Fundraising & Marketing
Camp Quality