Our identity

Social Venture Consultants established itself as an innovative, unique and a results oriented consultancy. The three stencils below represent our areas of emphasis: strategic consultancy, growth and particular service offering. These images are contained by irregular shapes which wave back and forth representing change and flow while the colour was chosen for its boldness.

When creating My Major GiftGetter – an app which helps fundraisers plan smart, work clever and get more major gifts, Mark Quigley looked again to Rodin’s work for inspiration and retained this classic image to illustrate the need to think carefully about major gift success.


As a key innovator in modern art, Auguste Rodin’s (1840-1917) “The Thinker” was chosen to represent our commitment to strategy, innovation and tailored solutions.
This stencil of a vine stretching and expanding represents growth. Growth is at the heart of our fundraising and philanthropy services
The final image depicts a strong figure holding a brick. This powerful image conveys the human capital necessary to make a Capital Campaign successful.